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“Every day may not be a good day, but there is good in everyday”

Activities are well recognised for the positive outcomes they have on the health and well-being of older people.  The activity timetable gives structure to the older person’s day.  It gives a reason to get up in the morning and a sense of fulfillment when going to bed at night!  

Physical activities, for example, exercises to music, skittles, target games, etc, invigorate the muscles of the body, while mental activities, for example, quizzes, story-telling, and reminiscence, stimulate the brain cells of the mind. Sonas awakens all the senses, while the Imagination Gym relaxes the senses.  Music and dancing fulfill the social needs of us all!  In St Elizabeth's, Nursing Home activities represent the good in every day.

We are very proud of our three Activities Co-ordinators at St Elizabeth's Nursing Home, Asta, Siobhan and Agnes.  It is evident at all times that our activity programmes aim to stimulate residents physically, intellectually, emotionally, creatively, and socially. Asta, Siobhan, and Agnes believe that it is never too late to try something new.  Their enthusiasm leads residents to participate in new experiences.

We can see increased cognitive abilities in some of our residents as a result of the activities on offer, particularly in the writing group. Exercise to music is offered daily, and the emphasis is very much on the enjoyment of the activity. Asta, Siobhan and Agnes are great listeners and develop a good rapport with residents who are reluctant to take part in group activities. They discuss resident’s needs and come up with creative solutions and means to stimulate all residents, with an emphasis on the individual person.


Each Monday begins a new week.  Our Activities Co-ordinators develop the programme for the week.  We have usual activities that give consistency to the week, and then we have special events and birthdays.  A typical day's activity looks like this:







Sp parade for wix.jpg

St Elizabeth's residents, staff and families taking part in the 2019 St Patrick's Day parade in Athboy. 

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